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Lindsay + Mike at Musket Ridge Golf Club

Musket Ridge_Timmester Photography_001Oy there was SO MUCH LOVE at this wedding!  Not only do Lindsay + Mike adore one another, they clearly have adoring relationships with their families.  Both families were so, so sweet and emotional.  I can’t get over how cute Lindsay is with her dad.  The two of them couldn’t even look at each other without tearing up, and Lindsay had to make jokes throughout the processional to keep the two of them from losing it.  Mike’s brother, Matt, said the nicest things about his older brother during the toasts.  It is clear that those two have so much respect and love for one another AND they look like twins (although they supposedly are not).   I love how Lindsay’s mom was so joyful the whole wedding day, and how she broke it down with all six of her kids on the dance floor.  And the way they looked at her was priceless.  And, finally, Lindsay’s sister, Katie, toasted the bride by saying that Lindsay is not only her favorite person, she is “[MY] person” – the one with whom she is the closest.  There were lots of tears in response to that, including from Lindsay’s two sweet brothers, Jimmy and Mike, who showed some mad dancing skills on the dance floor after that.

And, of course, there is Lindsay + Mike.  These two started dating when they were in middle school (how cute is that!?).  They broke up for a few years, and then they found one another again – for good.  I kind of want to tear up when I see the two of them together.  The way they look at each other, I know that they have IT.  These two are so in love, and it was beautiful to see how happy they were together all day.  It was the cutest.  Congratulations, Linday + Mike!  Welcome home from you honeymoon in the Maldives, you lucky newlweds!!!

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Venue:  Musket Ridge Golf Course

Event Coordination:  Susie Chalk

Officiant:  Reverend Raymond Kemp

Band:  Encore, Washington Talent

String Quartet:  String Poets

Florist:  Shelly Black

Hair + Makeup:  Premiere Makeup, Sarah + Morgan

Desserts:  Sweet From Scratch

Desserts:  Sweetz Cheesecake

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