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Lori + Brandon at Meadowlark Gardens

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0001

Could these two be any cuter!?  I love how Lori and Brandon are with one another. It is clear that they are best friends and utterly in love with the other – although it took them a while to figure that out!!  Lori and Brandon went to high school together and were friends, but at the time, Brandon was dating one of Lori’s friends – and then another one of Lori’s friends (player!).  But finally, when they ended up at the same university, they had time to hang out together as friends (sans significant others), and they quickly realized how perfect they are for one another.  Two years after that, they were engaged, and two years after the proposal, they will be husband and wife!!  I know that it is going to be a fun, relaxed, and joyful wedding in October, and I’m so excited to see these lovebirds make it official!!

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0002Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0003Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0004Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0005Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0006Meadowlark Botanical Gardens-0007

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