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Lovely Words from the Mother of the Bride

You are just amazing.  Sarah and Mike have shown us the “sneak peak” and it is just fabulous – really, it is.  Sarah is crazy about you and your work.  Mark at the Fairmont told me repeatedly how terrific your work was – so, too, did Sara Franklin [the wedding planner, with Social Scene Events].  And you were everything everyone said you were – passionate about what you do, skillful, patient, creative and engaging.  Yay Tracy!
I did learn a lot about photography on that day.  First, you don’t have to actually see the photographer (I mean anywhere) to have your photo taken.  I think the last time I saw you was when you were taking photos during the cocktail reception.   Then you disappeared from  — at least from my view!  And like magic, within days,  all these photos appear:  guests at their tables, Scott’s toast, Kathy’s too, mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, the band, crazy dancers, flowers etc.  It was amazing.  I did love how unobtrusive and quiet all of this was:  there were no flashes, there were no camera “clicks”, there were no commands like “smile more” or “ready, set, go” or “1,2, 3!  It was so easy and relaxed – and that clearly comes through in your photos.
What never really occurred to me is the acrobatic skill you refine as a photographer.  You were great – on the floor, on chairs, slammed up against a wall, on your knees – and all of this with a very engaging and winning style.
Thank you Tracy – so much.  We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.
As a little memento to you, I am attaching a photo I took of you taking a photo of Sarah. I hope you will enjoy it as a remembrance of one terrific day!
All good wishes to you….we will stay in touch with you! 
– Mother of the Bride

Working_May 9 Wedding__

I cannot express how touching and lovely it was to receive this email from the mother of a bride after her daughter, Sarah’s, May 9th wedding to Mike.  Everyone in the family has been so sweet, with emails from the bride and her sister, a message from the groom’s sister, a Wedding Wire review from the bride this weekend, and now this email which is just so amazing.  I think that Sarah’s mom perfectly describes what my job as a wedding photographer is, and it’s thrilling to know that my aim to be unobtrusive and to make the experience easy and relaxed is successful.  I am so pleased that this mother shared this with me.  It is truly special and one of the best emails that I have ever received.

Sarah + Mike’s blog post
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