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Megan + RJ – National Gallery of Art Engagement Session

National Gallery of Art_01I love these two.  They are very down-to-earth, sweet, and quick to laugh.  They’re also super adorable together, which makes my job incredibly easy.  I loved roaming the fabulous interior of National Gallery of Art with them, finding cool spots and avoiding the freezing outdoors for all but twenty minutes of torture.  :)  Megan & RJ have been together since high school and I am DYING to see pictures of what they looked like then and to hear stories about when they first met.  I’m hoping one of their sisters, the Maid of Honor or Best Woman, will share some tidbits during their reception in October.  If Megan + RJ’s friends and family are anything like them, I imagine it is going to be one relaxed and beautiful celebration.  I can’t freaking wait.  :)

National Gallery of Art_02National Gallery of Art_03National Gallery of Art_04National Gallery of Art_05National Gallery of Art_06National Gallery of Art_07National Gallery of Art_08National Gallery of Art_09National Gallery of Art_10National Gallery of Art_11National Gallery of Art_12National Gallery of Art_13National Gallery of Art_14National Gallery of Art_15National Gallery of Art_16National Gallery of Art_17

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