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Meghan & Dave at M&T Bank Stadium

Simply put, this couple is awesome.  I immediately liked Meghan when we first spoke on the phone because she was matter of fact and knew what she wanted.  Plus, she is a huge football fan and she is really appreciative of her fabulous girlfriends, so I knew she was cool.  I found out that Dave is just as fabulous when he busted out Soulja Boy choreography at the reception – for the entire song.  I loved it!  Oh that AND he wrote a wonderful poem for Meghan that was read aloud during the ceremony.  That was pretty awesome too.  :)

There were so many things to love about this wedding!!!  But in addition to the dance moves, the poem, the great flowers (gorgeous work by Crimson and Clover), and the cool couple, their reception was held at RAVENS STADIUM!  It was one of the coolest feelings to walk out on to the field of an empty NFL stadium, and I’m pretty sure I’ll remember it forever.  Thanks, Meg and Dave for asking me to photograph your wedding.  I loved it!

Meghan is SO beautiful!:

Meghan is SO beautiful!:





We were all pretty excited once we got on to the football field... :)

These ladies were THE best:

These ladies were THE best:

Best.  Bridesmaids.  Ever.






This reception was a hard core dance party.    It.  Was.  Awesome.




Meet Meghan's Dad. He is a dancefloor rockstar:

I think this last series of photos are my favorite dance photos ever.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure actually:

I couldn't decide which of the next three was my favorite, so I just included them all:




It was tempting to use Soulja Boy Tell’em’s “Crank That” for the slide show below, but I opted for something a little more romantic – Meg & Dave’s first dance song, “This Year’s Love” by David Gray.  :)

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