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Mindy, Megan + Their Adorable Family

I loved photographing this adorable family of four!!  After two kids and numerous years together, Megan and Mindy were married in November.  To commemorate their union and to get portraits of them and their super cute kids, Ethan and Leah, we spent an afternoon at Meadowlark Gardens (in prime cherry blossom season, it just so happened).  I cannot get over how adorable this family is.  Ethan is a future model, obviously, and Miss Leah was an absolute trooper.  I have never seen a three year old survive a 90 minute photo shoot and enjoy herself!!  Props to Leah’s moms who thought to buy her dollar store gifts as surprise “presents” throughout the shoot and for their good friend, Tammy, who kept the kids smiling and laughing throughout.  Genius.  Congrats, Megan & Mindy!  You guys are amazing together, and your kids rule.  :)

Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_001Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_002Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_003Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_004Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_005Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_006Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_007Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_008Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_009Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_010Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_011Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_012Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_013Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_014Family Portraits_Meadowlark Gardens_015

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