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Molly + Scott at Bartholdi Park

Bartholdi Park Washington DC_001

I had the privilege of knowing Molly in high school, back in our days as Annandale High School “Atoms”, working on the yearbook staff.  She was sincere, thoughtful, humble and intelligent even as a teenager, so it is no surprise to me that those traits are even more pronounced now in adulthood.  Molly has a meaningful and adventurous profession, helping those in need throughout the world with USAID.  And it is through that organization that she met Scott, while both were working for USAID in Afghanistan.  These two are now married (!!), although they weren’t when we did this quick photo session during a brief stopover in DC.  The special event happened a week later, in an intimate and private ceremony in California, with just their parents in attendance.  Ah I love that.  I love the quiet nature of such an intimate ceremony, focusing solely on the importance of their union.  Congratulations, Molly + Scott!  It is clear you two are absolutely perfect for one another, and I wish you all the best as you travel around the world, aiding others  :)

Bartholdi Park Washington DC_002Bartholdi Park Washington DC_003Bartholdi Park Washington DC_004Bartholdi Park Washington DC_005Bartholdi Park Washington DC_006Bartholdi Park Washington DC_007Bartholdi Park Washington DC_008Bartholdi Park Washington DC_009Bartholdi Park Washington DC_010Bartholdi Park Washington DC_011Bartholdi Park Washington DC_012

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