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Robyn + John at Bluemont Vineyard – Engagement

It was an absolute treat to photograph these two because they are soooo cute together.  I love how perfectly balanced they are with tons of vibrancy and enthusiasm from Robyn, balanced by calm serenity from John.  Seriously, they’re adorable.  And they’ve apparently been adorable for years, because they’ve been together since college!!  The two of them lived in the same dormitory, and John asked Robyn out.  Cuties!  We did their engagement session at beautiful Bluemont Vineyard and neighboring Great Country Farms, which were beautiful backdrops despite the early season and lack of grapes.  These two will be getting married (almost exactly) a year from now at Shadow Creek!  It’s going to be beautiful.  Congratulations, Robyn + John!

Bluemont Vineyard_001Bluemont Vineyard_002Bluemont Vineyard_003Bluemont Vineyard_004Bluemont Vineyard_005Bluemont Vineyard_006Bluemont Vineyard_007Bluemont Vineyard_008Bluemont Vineyard_009Bluemont Vineyard_010Bluemont Vineyard_011

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