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Sally + Alan at Airlie Center

Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-001

I love these two.  They have such an enthusiasm for enjoying life and for loving one another that you feel lucky to be around them.  Truly.  They are a romance for the ages – like Johnny Cash and June Carter.  You can tell that they are so PERFECT for one another that nothing makes them happier than just being with the other.  They are going to be that adorable 80 year old couple at their grandkids’ wedding that everyone talks about with love and pride because they are just “SO IN LOVE and SO HAPPY… and they’ve always been that way!!!”  I mean, seriously.  I am so delighted for these two.  They are going to be so happy with one another, and they are going to spread that joy and sunshine to everyone that they come across.  I mean just look at the pictures of these newlyweds.  They. Are. Adorable.

Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-002

Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-003Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-004Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-005Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-006Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-007Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-008Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-009Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-010Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-011Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-012Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-013Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-014Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-015Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-016Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-017Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-018Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-019Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-020Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-021Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-022Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-023Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-024Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-025Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-026Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-027Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-028Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-029Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-030Timmester Photography_Airlie Center-031

Venue:  Airlie Center, Shiloh Wolfrey

Day-of Coordinator:  Allison Barnes Events

Florist: LynnVale Studios

Officiant:  Rabbi Cantor Annie Bornstein

Harpist:  Nadia Pessoa

DJ:  Marc Wilner

Cake:  Gateau

Videography:  In Depth Photo & Video

Makeup:  Holly Sallade

Hair:  Sachi Medlicott

Stationary:  Hawthorn House

Gown:  Allure, I Do I Do Wedding Gowns

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