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Sarah + Elvis at The St. Regis Washington, DC

St Regis_Timmester Photography_001

Oh. My. Goodness. I had SO MUCH FUN photographing this wedding!!  Sarah and Elvis are such a sweet couple, they were game for anything, and wowsa, look how good-looking they are!!  I mean, seriously.  Sarah is gorgeous, statuesque, and I adore her profile.  (Is that weird?).  Elvis has piercing blue eyes, a steady gaze, and he looks a lot like the actor, Cillian Murphy, at least in my opinion.  :)  Their wedding at the St. Regis was elegant yet relaxed.  They were married in an intimate indoor ceremony, which was super considerate to their guests, considering the notoriously hot and humid Augusts here in DC.  They had a DIY polaroid photobooth, a caricature artist, and a cigar bar outside.  It was a great party.  Everyone had an amazing time, including myself and my good friend, Michelle, who helped me out at this wedding.  Sarah and Elvis were so much fun to photograph.  I want to photograph them again and again.  Congratulations, newlyweds!  I hope that you enjoyed your African honeymoon!!

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Venue:  St. Regis Washington, DC, Elisabeth Thomas

Coordinator:  Jennifer Bermejo

Hair:  Premiere Makeup, Sarah

Sarah’s Makeup:  Lyz, her sister + professional makeup artist

Florist:  Saffron & Succulents

DJ:  Rocklights Bryan Kimes

Videographer:  Bella Vista Wedding, Cynthia

Caricature Artist:  Sketch Faces DC, Mark Gutierrez

Harpist:  Nadia Pessoa

Bride’s Dress:  Custom Justin Alexander

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Monique Lhuillier

Bride’s Shoes:  Shoes of Prey

Men’s Tuxes:  Black by Vera Wang

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